Classes for Religious Education

We offer religious education programs for both children and adults in English and Spanish.  



Children who are bilingual in both languages may enroll in either program.  Parents of children who do not read and write Spanish may wish to enroll them in the English program. 

Registration for the English Language Religious Education Program  for children  in pre-Kindergarden through Confirmation (8th grade) begins on Sunday, August 13 in Rooms 3&4 on the lower level. Registration forms for First Communion, Confirmation and all other non-sacramental classes can always be found on the Religious Education page.


Is your family bilingual?  Are you wonderiing which language class to enroll your child in?  Consider which language they are most comfortable learning in.  Do they read and write one language more fluently than the other?  If so, enroll the child in the language they read and write best.  Otherwise, they will be at a big disadvantage. 


Registration for Spanish language classes will take place in Luis' office.  


1st Grade through Confirmation CLASSES IN ENGLISH BEGIN ON SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 14 at 9 am; Pre-Kindergarden and Kindergarden classes also begin at 10:25 am.

Ofrecemos programas de educación religiosa para niños y adultos en Inglés y Español.

Usted puede encontrar información sobre el programa de los niños en Inglés aquí:

Información sobre el programa de los niños en español está aquí:



Los niños que son bilingües en ambos idiomas pueden inscribirse en cualquiera de los programasLos padres de niños que no saben leer y escribir en español puede desear para inscribirse en el programa de Inglés.

Mass Schedule

English Masses

Weekday  M-F 9:00 am

Weekend  Sat 5:30 pm

Sun 8:30 & 10:30 am


Spanish Masses

Weekday M-F 6:30 pm

Weekend Sat 7:00 pm

Sun 12:30 & 3:00 pm


Holy Days of Obligation

Day of the Holy Day

Bilingual Mass 7:00 am

Bilingual Mass 12:15 pm

English Mass 5:30

Spanish Mass 7:00 pm

It's always a good idea, though, to check with the Parish Office.


Special liturgical celebrations 

(Palm Sunday, Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, Christmas)

Mass times change from the normal.  Contact the office if the schedule is not here. 


Schedule for Major Civil Holidays (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day)

Bilingual Mass at 10:00 am.

Office is closed and there are no confessions on Monday.

Schedule for minor civil holidays is the same as the weekday.

It's always a good idea, though, to check with the Parish Office.


Traveling out of town and need to find a Mass schedule for your trip?  Check out parish locations and Mass schedules across the US on

Confession Schedule

Saturdays 4 to 5 pm

Mondays 5 to 6 pm

Also by appointment

- call the parish office

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