Our Mission Statement

  • We are a Roman Catholic community bound together by the unconditional love of God.

  • We rejoice in the good news of the resurrection of His Son and are sustained by His continued presence in the Eucharist, and the hope it gives us.

  • Through the Holy Spirit we are nurtured and directed in our love for each other, for long-term parishioners, for the newcomers, and for those who are not members of our faith community.

  • Our love is expressed in a commitment to service in outreach to the sick, the needy, and homeless.

  • Through evangelization efforts, through liturgy and education, we seek to meet the spiritual needs of all who come to us.

  • We value the cultural and ethnic diversity of our community and appreciate the richness this diversity brings.

  • Through prayer and worship, our faith and our love will continue to grow and we will seek to live the words of St. Francis to become instruments of the Lord’s peace.

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Weekly Bulletin/Boletín Semanal (October 18-24)

Mass Schedule/Horario Misas

English Masses

Monday/Friday 10:00 am

Saturday 5:00 pm (bilingual)

Sunday 8:00 am & 10:00 am


Misas en Español

Lunes/Viernes 6:00 pm

Sábado 5:00 pm (bilingüe) y 6:30 pm

Domingo 12:00 pm y 2:00 pm


Holy Days of Obligation/Misas de días de Obligación

It's always a good idea, though, to check with the Parish Office.


Special liturgical celebrations/ Celebraciones liturgicas especiales (Palm Sunday, Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, Christmas)

Mass times change from the normal. Contact the office if the schedule is not here.

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Confession Schedule/ Horario Confesiones

Monday & Fryday 5:00 pm

Confessions are outside on front of the Church. Please wear face mask.

Contact Us/Contáctenos

St. Francis of Assisi

Catholic Church

65 East 500 North

Orem, UT 84057


Phone: 801-221-0750       

Fax: 801-221-0759





Send bulletin information to parish@oremstfrancis.org.

Deadline to receive information is the Thursday 10 days before the Sunday you wish the information to appear. For example, an announcement to appear in a June 17 bulletin should be sent on or before June 7.


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Location Map

65 East 500 North

Orem, UT  84058